Religion in the public space: Trans-European perspectives conference, Max Planck Institute of Legal Anthropology, Halle, Germany.

4-5 October 2012

Religion in the public space: Trans-European Perspectives Conference, Max Planck Institute of Legal Anthropology, Halle, Germany. Peter Danchin presented a paper entitled “State supported display of religious symbols: The US case law.”

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The European Court of Human Rights and the US Supreme Court case-law on religion in the public space: A comparison

4-6 October 2012

Max Planck Institute of Law and Social Anthropology in Halle, Germany is sponsoring a workshop that aims at comparing the conception of the place of religion in the public space in the case law of the US Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

Program can be found here.

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International Law, Human Rights, and the Politics of Religious Difference

April 28-29, 2011

Hosted at Princeton University’s Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS), this workshop explored perspectives on the intersection of the politics and history of international law, international human rights and religion.  Topics included the history and politics of religious freedom and religious toleration, international and comparative law, religious and legal subjectivities, humanitarian law and international politics.

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Reflections on The Park 51 Controversy

October 19, 2010

Religion and law scholars Peter Danchin, University of Maryland Law, and Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, SUNY-Buffalo Law, discuss the controversy over the proposed mosque/community center (the Cordoba House) to be built near the former site of the World Trade Center in New York City in the context of U.S. and international law about religious freedom.

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